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The splashback behind the kitchen sink is usually made up of standard square or rectangular tiles with lots of grouted joints in between. Even if laid very carefully, the tiles are not always absolutely flat and, because of the proximity of water, steam and condensation, the grout is subject to mould and degradation.

But, not any more. Now, when you’re designing or building a new home, you can provide your clients with a choice of elegant, waterproof splashbacks in single large porcelain panels with sizes up to 3 metres by 1.5 metres with no joints and no grout required.

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Made in Italy from carefully selected natural materials including feldspar, quartz and fine mineral clays, the Bella porcelain panels from Lusso are manufactured by submitting the ingredients to extremely high pressure and temperatures but without the use of heavy chemical binders and resins.

This results in a very strong, compact, lightweight ceramic porcelain material which is entirely homogeneous and impervious to water. Bella series tile sheets are available in sizes up to 4.5m2 but are only 6mm thick.

There are several distinct styles in the Bella Series, many porcelain panels come in both matt and gloss surfaces.

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Colours range from dark grey to white with many options in between and of course there are also several marble finishes. All tiles have surfaces that do not attract dust or dirt and which can be cleaned thoroughly and easily. This is important in applications such as residential kitchens.

Bella porcelain panels are light and easy to manoeuvre and the exclusive and sustainable manufacturing technique has been recognised for its ability to reduce carbon emissions and thereby help to combat climate change.

Installation requires the skills of Lusso’s fully trained specialists but, because they install only one tile instead of a hundred, the process results in significant savings in both time and labour costs.

splashbacks perth

Bella porcelain panels represent the benchmark in state-of-the-art tile design and allow architects, building designers and interior stylists to enhance their projects with a sophisticated new material which has all the advantages of functionality, durability, hygiene, ease of installation, time saving and the beauty of superior aesthetics.

Bella porcelain panels can also be used as wall cladding and flooring in virtually any room in the house but they really come into their own in kitchens where they can form bench tops, feature walls, external cladding, splashbacks, floor covering and more. Bathrooms and shower cubicles too can be transformed in so many ways.

A single Bella porcelain panel splashback will add style and elegance to your kitchen design while saving time and money too.

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