Lusso introduces the latest innovation in porcelain panels

Made in Italy from carefully selected natural materials including feldspar, quartz and fine mineral clays, the Bella Series porcelain panels are manufactured by submitting the ingredients to extremely high pressure and temperatures – up to 1,300o C – but without the use of heavy chemical binders and resins.

This results in a very strong, compact, lightweight ceramic porcelain material which is entirely homogenous and completely impervious to water.

Bella porcelain panels are available in sheets of up to 3000mm x 1500mm – that’s 4.5m2 – in total yet they are 6 millimetres in thickness.

With several distinct styles to choose from, Bella is the perfect option for most indoor and outdoor applications. All are constructed in a similar way but, between them, they offer a vast selection of colours, textures and reflective qualities.

Bella porcelain panels represent the benchmark in state-of-the-art tile design and allow architects, building designers, interior stylists and commercial artists to enhance their projects with a sophisticated new material which has all the advantages of functionality, durability, hygiene, ease of installation, savings in time and the beauty of superior aesthetics.

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